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Anomaly is currently seeking impact poetry. We are seeking poems that challenge the history and currents of the English language, poems that unsettle cultural norms, poems that utilize language to contest and remake the world. We seek poems that confront gender formations, white supremacy, class, body, possibility. We are seeking for poetry rooted in the radical imagination. We hope to find you.

Please be aware that we get over 500 submissions per reading period and read each carefully, so if you're work has not been accepted or rejected it's not from oversight-we promise we're working on it!

Attach up to five poems in a single document. Please include a short bio in the "Cover Letter" field.

Translations that foreground the work of the original author are welcome in this category. For translations that foreground the creativity of the translator, please see our Translation section.
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.